About Philip

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My mother told me when I was born the midwives applauded me as a perfect little baby boy – so downhill all the way from there!

No apparent gifts as a child.

Went to grammar school and got a part scholarship to Dartmouth to train as an officer. My father had been in the navy and there was an assumption that this is what I should do. I went to Dartmouth, didn’t like it, left then worked as a bus conductor before landing a job as electrician at the local opera house, Glyndebourne, and that was it.

I went to RADA to train as a stage manager and then Drama Centre to train as a director. I worked in both categories until moving to Ireland where I ran my first wife’s family farm for four years before we sold up and went to Bray with our three children where I did some property development and ran a small recording studio.

We moved back to England and then the marriage broke up and I became effectively destitute working as a night cleaner. I managed to pick up a bit of work in theatre and also went into care work ending up managing two residential units that supported adults with Learning Disability and Challenging Behaviour.

I managed to do that for about five years then burned out and went back into theatre full time working for the Brighton Festival & Dome where I stayed for twenty years.

I went freelance in 2010 and now spend a lot of my time writing.

I have remarried and live in Hove working in the loft where my main companions are the seagulls. Worryingly I can now recognise them as individuals!

Prey is my first novel.

I have had two plays performed professionally and two articles published.