Hours explained – maybe.

Hours formed itself. I started with the idea of writing a novel about a production manager who was obsessed with stage machinery. I wrote some short sections based on my own experiences and researched stage machinery looking for images that perhaps I could use in the novel. The central experience I was taken to was […]

Hours begins.

Well, it’s two years I see since Prey. There’s been one abandoned novel and now Hours, which is about to be printed. I have posted the first three sections to give everyone an idea of what it is but the piece is very much designed as a physical object and an essential part of it […]

Challenging Behaviour

Finished second draft of first chapter and have put it up on the site. I worked with people with Learning Disability and Challenging Behaviour (the book circles around the philosophical questions raised by this client group) and the basic approach should be that all behaviour however difficult is based on the necessity of communication, that […]