Depression: the Dark Vortex

Mental illness pulls you in, it is a black vortex and deathly cold. Sitting with a close and much loved relative who was in the centre of deep depression the illness was in the room and was manifest. He needed me to sit beside him and read as he tried to sleep. And I could […]

Surveying the Battlefield

I’ve done a lot of work on myself this year in an LA kind of way. Internal work confronting the effect of my being abused as a child and its consequential effect on the rest of my life. Mankind, a local charity working with male survivors, has given me a truly life changing experience and […]

Thinking Aloud

I seem to have through my own efforts removed or at least alleviated some of the things that have plagued and outraged me about my past. I have overcome areas of guilt and shame and achieved reconciliations. All to the good. But what no one tells you is that when you achieve this you can […]

Sea Anchor

Been sick and depressed but managing to get myself back at the keyboard. Not being self indulgent – just a statement of fact. Been with a very depressed friend today and my advice to him is equally applicable to me. Simone Weill talks about obligation being the fundamental of human experience and my obligation is […]


  Working on anther story this one starts from one evening I experienced while working as company manager on Andy Warhol’s Pork. A show that was done at the Roundhouse in 1971. It was based on recordings of phone conversations Warhol had with a New York socialite. The show was crazy – directed by Tony […]