Hours explained – maybe.

Hours formed itself.

I started with the idea of writing a novel about a production manager who was obsessed with stage machinery. I wrote some short sections based on my own experiences and researched stage machinery looking for images that perhaps I could use in the novel. The central experience I was taken to was my being given a terminal diagnosis and then from this creaked the idea of a man confronting his mortality and being forced to deal with the void behind all the constructs we make. The constructs are manifold and include religion and theatre and poetry and prose. My own experience told me that acceptance of mortality was and is a twisted road. So I ended up with a structure based on the medieval books of hours including images of stage machinery and magic tricks and featuring Zen death poems. It has ten sections each section is a short story – some very short – and contains meditations on lots of stuff. Anyway take a look below. The printed book will be available shortly from my website for £15 plus postage.