More Legion of the Lost

Since I acknowledged my membership of this legion I find I am becoming more and more comfortable in its embrace. The clients at the rough sleepers shelter where I volunteer now feel like colleagues and I no longer have exert myself to keep a distance between them and me as I am one of them just a bit more fortunate. It is an appalling waste of time and effort to attempt to emphasise difference: more money, more education, more freedom, more success ,being better than,  superior to when fundamentally there is no difference. Once I acknowledge that I am not alone and I am equal to all thand they are equal to me I become free to utilise what I have without having to perform  or be judged. It doesn’t mean I don’t use what I have and that I don’t have a profound responsibility to use it, if anything it emphasises that ( Simone Weill said the basis of life is obligation – if I have an excess of food my obligation is to give it to one who does not have enough) but I no longer have to use it to improve my position, to go up the rankings. There are no rankings there is just a sea of humanity and within that we have an obligation to help each other and fulfilling that obligation can remove envy and pointless hubristic ambition.