Surveying the Battlefield

I’ve done a lot of work on myself this year in an LA kind of way. Internal work confronting the effect of my being abused as a child and its consequential effect on the rest of my life. Mankind, a local charity working with male survivors, has given me a truly life changing experience and […]

Thinking Aloud

I seem to have through my own efforts removed or at least alleviated some of the things that have plagued and outraged me about my past. I have overcome areas of guilt and shame and achieved reconciliations. All to the good. But what no one tells you is that when you achieve this you can […]

Sea Anchor

Been sick and depressed but managing to get myself back at the keyboard. Not being self indulgent – just a statement of fact. Been with a very depressed friend today and my advice to him is equally applicable to me. Simone Weill talks about obligation being the fundamental of human experience and my obligation is […]


  Working on anther story this one starts from one evening I experienced while working as company manager on Andy Warhol’s Pork. A show that was done at the Roundhouse in 1971. It was based on recordings of phone conversations Warhol had with a New York socialite. The show was crazy – directed by Tony […]