When did giving become a sin and taking a virtue?

At the shelter I volunteer at we have just been told that the free lunches which are given to the Rough Sleepers who have no income/no benefits have to stop and we have to charge everyone including those who have no money because probably they do have some money! We are told that the shelter has to run as a business and the lunches have to pay for the free breakfast, which consists almost entirely of donated food.

1. It’s not a business it’s a shelter.

2. Those who don’t have any money and the most need have to go without.

3. It makes no difference to those who have money.

Sound familiar?

So straightforward charity giving without looking for any return is a bad thing. Charging those who can’t pay is a good thing and this in an organisation that works with those who have the least in our society.

When did this happen (Reagan, Thatcher?)

Why do we all acquiesce?